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Fully automated Assembly lines and Machines

Our fully automated Assembly lines include configuration of technologies like Pick and Place system, Feeding systems like Vibratory bowl feeder, linear feeder, rotary feeders, step feeders, Drum feeders, tightening/torquing, Riveting, Pressing/Fitting, Dispensing etc and the machine are build using multiple platforms as mentioned below based on the use case. These systems are used in Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Valves and plastics, Automotive and Autocomponents etc

Fully automatic Rotary Indexing systems

Our solutions using rotary indexing systems are appropriate for high accuracy systems. Its configurable with various applications using Servo, Cam, Pneumatic and specialised applications

Fully automatic Linear Indexing systems

Our solutions using Linear indexing systems are used in solutions where number of operations are more and machine has to be compact and high speed systems to be used for the assembly process automation

Fully Automatic Flexible manufacturing Lines

Kinemach has conceptualised and is working on the flexible manufacturing lines for the new generation manufacturing and AI enabled platform for the decision making

Fully automatic Palletised conveyor or walking beam assembly stations

Our solutions using palletised conveyor systems or walking beam used where number of operations are more and multiple machines or systems are used for the process

Fully automatic High Speed Cam Based systems

Our solutions using High speed Cam based systems are for applications which require higher speed which cannot be achieved by normal pneumatic systems and for higher reliable systems

Semi automatic Lean Assembly stations

Semi automatic Lean assembly stations are used for applications of smaller applications or where manual intervention is used and series of theses machines used together for manual/Semi automatic assembly lines or automated process line