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07 Jun 2022

Inspection Systems

Linear contact/Non-contact type inspection systems

Kinemach is working with LVDT, Laser, UT, NDT sensor manufacturers to build reliable and consistent measurement systems for contact and non contact type inspection

Load/Force Measurement systems

Load/force measurement systems are mostly part of assembly systems and also developed as custom inspection or measurement systems for quality, performance and assembly inspection. Kinemach uses multiple varieties of force, load, torque sensors to develop customised systems for customers

Vision based inspection systems

Kinemach is working with Vision and Camera companies on building complete automation systems using advanced vision technology

Pressure, Flow, Temperature testing

The pressure and flow testing systems are mostly part of the process equipments and Kinemach provides complete automated solutions with pressure, flow, temperature sensing using multiple varieties of RTDs, Pressure and flow sensors and devices

Leak detection/Inspection systems

Kinemach works with multiple leak detection system manufacturers to develop customised leak detection systems for multiple applications in industries like automotive, pharmaceutical, valves, Electronics etc

Fully automatic Palletised conveyor or walking beam assembly stations

Our solutions using palletised conveyor systems or walking beam used where number of operations are more and multiple machines or systems are used for the process