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07 Jun 2022

Secondary Packaging Machinery & Fully Automated Packaging Lines

Fully automatic End of line Secondary Packaging line

Kinemach with its expertise in material handling equipments to carton erection systems and robotics builds fully automatic secondary packaging line for multiple sizes of cartons to palletising

Palletising machine

Kinemach develops varieties of palletizing and palletizing solutions in multiple industries and in areas like end of line packaging applications

Flexible carton packaging line

Kinemach has conceptualised on demand flexible packaging system for the new generation demanding markets for on demand flexible size of cartoning for variable sizes of components

Filling and Capping line

Kinemach along with its processing as designed highly efficient liquid/lotion filling and capping line

Carton erector machines

Kinemach has developed multiple types of carton erectors for normal cartons and specialised cartons like snap lock carton, tray type carton, auto-lock carton etc based on customer requirements

Labelling machines

Kinemach has designed and developed high speed and accurate labelling systems for multiple applications like inline labelling, bottle labelling, carton labelling etc