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29 Jun 2022

Fully automatic processing line

Kinemach with its expertise in process equipment to packaging systems develops fully automatic process to packaging line to liquid, emulsion and multiple varieties of products starting from creams to ointments and sauces based on the requirments

Process vessels

Kinemach along with its technology solutions provides our customers with all kinds of process vessels as per their requirements

Mixers and blenders

Kinemach manufactures all kinds of Mixers and blenders like ribbon blender, sigma blender, Planetary mixers etc based on the customer requirement and based on the applications in areas like food processing, pharmaceutical, chemicals and Oils.

Specialised Washing/Cleaning machines

Kinemach manufactures specialised cleaning solutions as per the customer requirements for the industries like pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic components, steel manufacturing etc.

High shear Vacuum homogenisers

Kinemach has indegeniously developed its highly efficient high shear homogenisers which provides efficiency atleast 50% more than the conventional mixers. These machines are ideal for all type of mixing process in industries like Food for sauces, creams, dairy, mayonnaise, pastes, spreads,dips etc. In pharmaceutical industry for Ointments, lotions, pastes, liquids etc and In chemical industries like Paints, chemicals, Lubes, Oils and all type of emulsions

Low shear mixers

Kinemach manufactures multiple kind of low shear mixers, agitators, blenders based on the customer requirement

Powder liquid mixing systems

Kinemach with its mixpro pioneered the technology of powder liquid mixing and provides various solutions for the powder liquid mixing in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.